EPC Companies and FIDIC Clause

JULI(JULI Engineering Company Co., Ltd.) is one of well-known EPC companies in China. It has rich experience in signing EPC contractor project on the basis of FIDIC Clause.
Many users will choose contract model on the basis of FIDIC Clause and proceed with project management in accordance with FIDIC Clause in the course of negotiating with clients over EPC contractor project(especially power plant project). Besides, contract model on the basis of FIDIC Clause is strongly recommended by our company. At the same time, knowing FIDIC Clause well is fundamental skill possessed by EPC Companies. The employees of our company have been trained by professionals about FIDIC Clause.
There are many advantages, if adopting FIDIC clause to manage, execute and sign contracts.
1) Coherent and logical statement is one of the advantages. The risk sharing between EPC companies and clients is fair and reasonable. There are no ambiguous words, so any party cannot find the weakness to take advantage of.
2) The definite provisions on rights and obligations of EPC companies and clients, engineer's duties make a clear boundary that both parties have their own rights and obligations while the engineers have clear duties and privileges. In this way, many disputes and claim events can be avoided and both parties are restrained in the course of contract execution.
3) FIDIC clause is adopted by many countries and is familiar to most contractors in the world. At the same time, it is recommended by the World Bank and other financing institutions, which is beneficial to realize the international comparative bidding.
4) Using FIDIC clause is easy to manage contracts. It has better results for ensuring engineering quality and controlling project cost and schedule.

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