The characteristics of screw conveyor

Screw conveyor has following characteristics:
Screw blade uses the design of variable pitch screw, which makes materials filling rate change from 100% to below 70%.
At the same time, screw conveyor can stay the uniform acceleration motion of conveying materials, reduce the delivery resistance and prevent material from plugging and blocking.
The screw pitch gap of screw blade at the bottom of feed inlet port makes the level of material descend uniformly, which avoids the situation that blades press materials in the course of conveying. Afterwards, the materials' moisture and coal slurry are squeezed out, and the materials may harden into hard shell, forming blocking.
Reverse blade is installed at the end of discharge hole, which changes the direction of material movement. The knockout plate avoids the heaping up of material and the blocking of discharge hole.
Convergent blade design with increasing blade thickness avoids blade initiating terminal root 's point of weld of cracking because of endurance failure from blade head, which increases the service life of blades.

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