Non Resonance Design of idler set and belt conveyor

The idler is one of the important conveyor components. The interaction of idler and belt leads to the bending vibration of idler set. This vibration will increase the abrasion degree of belt and idler, especially for the idler bearing. In this way, the reliability of belt conveyor will be reduced. The manufacturer should consider this problem. If the swing of lateral oscillation is large, the running resistance of belt conveyor will increase greatly, with other problems such as materials escape, high noise, belt alignment , small frictional traction and abnormal running of the belt conveyor.
In the design of conveyor components, the diameter of idler influences its rotation speed. Because of nonuniform idler materials and working accuracy, the idler has some eccentricity. Then there will be longitudinal vibration when the idler rotates. If the forced frequency is close to the vibrational frequency of belt, the resonance occurs, influencing the normal running of belt conveyor.
In the dynamic analysis, the users should consider the dynamic relation between belt and idler(conveyor components). This should include two aspects. One is natural vibration and the other is the materials stability.
The idler is one of the most important conveyor components. The space between idlers is set from the service life and belt bending in static design. The interaction of idler and belt should be considered in dynamic design.

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