Introduction about conveyor components

The maintenance of conveyor has a direct influence on whether the service life of conveyor could be prolonged. So this maintenance job must be important in the course of operating the conveyor. There are many conveyor components. If we know these conveyor components well, the service life of conveyor could be prolonged through the conveyor components. 
Conveyor roller(idler) is used to load the conveyor belt. It is the bearing component for the belt conveyor, with uniform cylinder form. In the center of idler(roller), there is a hollowed-out column hole, which is used to connect the bearing device of conveyor.
The machining precision of idler means inner bore concentricity of idler and the precision of axial dimensions. If the dimension error of concentricity is serious, the bearing seizure of rolling bearing will occur, increasing the running resistance and reducing the time of service life. If the error of axial dimensions of parts is serious, the large axial clearance will form, resulting in axial float and destroying lubrication and sealing effect. If the installation quality is not good, the service life will also be influenced.
Although conveyor roller(idler) is a small part of conveyor components, the function could not be neglected. This reflects the importance of system integrity. Only when the operator has deep understanding of conveyor components, could the service life of conveyor be prolonged. And for the stacker reclaimer is also applied, the components of stacker reclaimer also play a important role in the course of operating.

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