Brief Introduction About The Maintenance Of Mining Equipment

The mining equipment is essential for mining enterprises. Mining equipment includes stacker reclaimer, belt conveyor, apron feeder, screw feeder and etc. If there is no mining equipment supporting the whole enterprise, the mining enterprise could not normally operate. With the development of the machinery technology, the requirements for mining equipment maintenance become stricter than before. In order to keep the normal operation of the equipment, it is necessary that the related people take measures to check the equipment in regular time. Especially for the EPC companies, they do better in machinery maintenance. 
The emphasis of machinery maintenance should be placed on the prevention of machinery fault.
The timely correction is very important when faults occur. The contents of maintenance include the outer of the mining equipment, such as clutch, brake, safety facilities and other important components. Besides, the related people should check whether each device becomes flexible and damaged. The abnormal conditions should be dealt with timely.  
The central control room should carry on remote diagnosis and maintenance. The advanced detecting instrument should be adopted to find the exact location of fault. Then the reason of fault could be clarified, avoiding the blind maintenance on the equipment and reducing the maintenance time. The EPC companies could introduce the advanced maintenance technology, which could increase the efficiency of maintenance and productivity.

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