Some Parameters of Belt Conveyor

There are belt conveyor, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, roller conveyor, scraper chain conveyor, pipe conveyor according to the operation mode. Some main parameters are confirmed through the requirements of materials handling system, the conditions of materials handling location, and some processing of the production.
(1)conveying capacity: the capacity of belt conveyor means the quantity of materials transported per unit time. When conveying bulk materials, the weight or volume calculation of materials conveyed in an hour will be adopted. When conveying pieces of goods, the number of units conveyed in an hour will be adopted.
(2)conveying speed: If the conveying speed of belt conveyor could be increased, the conveying capacity could also be increased. The conveying speed has also been increased with the continuous development of the technology. However, for the belt pipe conveyor with high conveying speed, the users should pay attention to some problems such as vibration, noise, start and braking. For the belt conveyor with link chain as traction, the conveying speed should not be too high, avoiding increasing dynamical load.
(3) The dimensions of conveyor components: The width of conveyor belt, bucket capacity, piping diameter, and container capacity.
(4) The conveying length and inclination: The conveying length and inclination could influence the 
total resistance and power of the belt conveyor.
In general, the belt conveyor coordinates with the stacker reclaimer to convey the materials to the different places.

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