Some Damage Reasons of Rotating Bearing You Need to know

The slewer of boom bucket wheel stacker reclaimer has 3 main forms including bogie hearth, large rotating bearing, roller type. And the large rotating bearing is the common one. The large rotating bearing has many features such as simple installation and easy operating. The disadvantage is the difficult change for new one. So many users would choose the large rotating bearing with excellent quality, avoiding the changing of large rotating bearing or reducing the times of changing. Then some reasons of damaging of large rotating bearing are as follows:
1. The poor lubrication results in shorting the service life of the large rotating bearing. The lubrication is the main method of ensuring the service life of the large rotating bearing. In the course of the operating the stacker reclaimer, the lubrication of the large rotating bearing should be done regularly. Otherwise, the poor lubrication will result in the damage of the large rotating bearing.
2. The poor sealing of the large rotating bearing of stacker reclaimer leads to the short service life. If the sundries enter into the ball track, grinding will come into being and the abrasion will become worse.
3. The connecting flange has no enough rigidity, which result in the short service life of the large rotating bearing. If the rigidity is not good, the deformation of the slewing bearing will occur, which would intensify the damaging of the rolling element and rollaway nest.

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