Do you want to know how to install the mining equipment

As we all know, the mining equipment include stacker reclaimer, apron feeder, reclaimer, screw conveyor, crushing machine and etc. For the exploiting the mine, there are many aspects needed to consider such as the selection of mines and equipment, the installation of the mining equipment and the maintenance of the mining equipment. The installation of the mining equipment is a very important process. The installation of the mining equipment includes 3 aspects including preparatory work, installation procedure, and follow-up work.
1. preparatory work before installation
The installation methods of mining equipment include installation of oneself, principal installation, and outsourcing installation. For the purpose of continuous operation of mining equipment, the installation quality should be good. According to some related requirements of mining equipment, the principal installation is very common.
2. Installation Procedure
In the course of installation procedure, the conveying of devices is very important. So a reasonable carrying scheme is very necessary. The place of equipment installation is the basic for the long operation of the equipment, which should be divided with the plant. Otherwise, the operation of mining equipment may influence the stability of plant structure.
3. follow-up work
After completing the installation of the mining equipment, the related regulations should be made to guarantee the safety construction and normal operation of the mining equipment. The trench is an important part of plant and mining equipment. In the course of the installation of mining equipment, the construction of trench should be handled properly.

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