The Designing Points Of Stacker Reclaimer

The stacker reclaimer is one large-scale and power-driven conveying machinery with tall frame, which make it easy to be influenced by wind. In order to fix the equipment after stopping work, the anchoring device and rail clamping device are used to avoid the slippage resulting from wind. When the stacker reclaimer is travelling, the rail clamping device is opened under the spring force. When the stacker reclaimer stops, the rail clamping device is closed under the force of heavy punch. The number of travelling car for driving is different according to the different type of the stacker reclaimer. The rotating device has high requirements on adjusting the speed. In general, dc drive system and ac variable frequency speed regulating are adopted. For example, the rotating device realizes the continuously viable of the boom through planetary reducer of two Y225-8 TH,22KW variable-frequency motor. The rotating speed of large car is 0.0525~0.099r/min, with ±110°of rotating degree. The main motor delivers power through three-phase automatic air switch. The transducer gets the power from power grid through alternating current contactor 2C1. The luffing mechanism of stacker reclaimer is mainly used to adjust the height of the boom to coordinate with other devices to meet the related requirements when reclaiming and stacking materials. 

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