The Working Mechanism Of Bucket Wheel

Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer is developed from the bucket wheel excavator, and it is a highly efficient continuous loading and unloading equipment.
When the bucket rotates to the lower part, the bucket receives the coals. The bucket wheel continues to rotate to the highest point, and the coal comes down by its own weight. The cantilever belt conveyor will conveys the coal to the center coal pipe. Then the bucket wheel completes the reclaiming process.
When the material is to be stocked, the ground belt conveyor rotates in the opposite direction, during which the coal passes through the tail car. The coals are conveyed from one belt to the another belt on the tail car. The belt conveyor will ship the coal to the upper part of the cantilever belt conveyor. The belt conveyor in the reverse rotation will transport the coals to the bucket wheel part. And then coals will be shipped through the head of belt conveyor to the upper part of the coal field, completing the process of stacking materials. 

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