The Advantages and Disadvantages of Belt Conveyor CST System

As an enterprise manufacturing mining equipment, the belt conveyor CST system developed serves for large-scale belt conveyors, which integrates deceleration, clutch and speed governing.
The controllable soft start and soft stop could be precisely realized according to the presupposed curve, which makes belt conveyor run smoothly; The reaction to transient velocity is quick and stable, which reduces the belt tension and increases safety factor of the belt by about 1.9; The output rotating speed could be adjusted on a large scale and steady rotating speed could be adjusted from 10~100%, which provide a good condition for installation, adjustment, maintenance; The power balance performance is good and balance quality is less than 2%; The dynamo could start non loaded, which reduces the impact of the power grid; There are many advantages such as reliable performance, low failure rate, high usability indicator and long service life; It has high transmission efficiency reaching 95.5%; The moment limiter is fixed on the output end of CST, which makes belt conveyor CST system have two-way protection function to reducer and loading equipment. In this way, loading state is changed and then the service life of equipment parts is increased.
The price is expensive and special-propose oil must be replaced regularly with high costs; The control system is complex and needs great maintenance work; Backstop and detent cannot be fixed on high speed shaft and low speed shaft; The spare parts need to be imported, which brings prompt maintenance a lot of difficulties.

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