The control mode and maintenance of reclaimer

According to main engine and process requirements, the controlling system of reclaimer employs three control modes including automatic, manual, and maintenance control modes.
Automatic control mode:
When reclaimer is prepared, the automatic control will be executed after central control room sends stop instruction. In the state of automatic control, starting sequence is according to the requirements of reclaimer equipment and the reclaimer will come into the state of automatic reclaiming. Then the automatic monitoring, giving an alarm, and auto stop instruction for the system failure could be finished.
Manual control mode:
Manual control processes on the operating table. It is suitable for debugging process, moving from one pile to another pile and arranging the machine assigning location to reclaim materials. It could finish one-step operation of each unit.
Maintenance control mode:
Maintenance control mode is used in the field maintenance. However, the operating button installation is beneficial to maintenance operating position, so it is only suitable for field maintenance. To protect the hardware equipment reliability, programmable controller, frequency changer, intelligent motor controller and other main components and parts matched with stacker-reclaimer are the products from ABB company. The material level examining device of stacker-reclaimer is original products from German company.

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