Receiving Scheme of Apron Feeder

The idea of feeding above the ground is suitable for movable receiving scheme proposed by users. In other words, on the conditions that fixed devices cannot meet the requirements, apron feeder could finish the receiving operation of general bulk materials(such as coal and aggregate) directly from dumper car of shipment devices.
The operation of feeding above the ground leaves out the process of setting slope for trucks and building projects. Besides, feeding above the ground can be quickly applied in the project of fixing workshops with high flexibility. Especially at the construction site of the ports with high underground water, users could save the costs of building pits and maintaining pits.
• No Deep Pits.                                     
• No Underground Hoppers.
• No Expensive Civil Works.                      
• Flexibility of Location.
• One Piece Integrated Machine.              
• Receives Direct from Trucks.
• Receives Direct from Shovels.                
• Buffer Holding Capacity.
• Fast Truck Discharge.                           
• Controlled Rate Feeding.
• Handles Dry and Dusty Materials.            
• Reduced Dust Generation.
• Handles Wet and Sticky Materials.          
• No Risk of Bridging or Blockage.
• Reduced Energy Consumption.              
• Easy Maintenance Access.
• Easy Housekeeping Access.                   
• Reliable in Service.
• Proven References Worldwide.
Illustrated above is a conventional underground truck tipping hopper with deep pit and feeder discharging to an inclined belt conveyor to raise the material out of the pit and to the associated process plant. This conventional method requires permanent and expensive civil works and cannot be relocated to accommodate plant development.

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